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Social Connections and Your Health

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What do social connections and socializing have to do with health?
Social connections have an enormous impact on physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
- A. L. Anduze
They are directly related.
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Alfred Lee Anduze, M.D. is a native Virgin Islander, born in Christiansted, St Croix, with family roots in France, Puerto Rico, and Southern United States. As an American/West Indian, he grew up among the great storytellers and fabricators of a small but widespread multi-ethnic community and acquired an unquenchable love of reading and original stories.


He comes from a solid line of writers, including his grandmother, Mildred V. Anduze, father, Aubrey A. Anduze, and Leonard Anduze, Eric Anduze, Rosa Pagés Anduze of France and Pablo Anduze of Venezuela. While as a practicing ophthalmologist producing scientific papers for journals and lectures for the international circuit was a vocation, writing original stories has been his passion. 


After serving his community as Assistant Commissioner of Health, President of the Ophthalmological Society of the West Indies, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at University of Florida, Editorial Board of the Annals of Ophthalmology, and lecturing in 32 countries, he holds an Andrew Weil Fellowship in Integrative Medicine and a Master's certificate in Herbal Medicine.  In 2012, he retired to farm medicinal plants and organic coffee in the mountains of Puerto Rico.  Away from the halls of conventional medicine, he strongly advocates that the best way to treat disease is not to get sick in the first place.


With a basic interest in biology, botany, biochemistry and physics, he's currently in pursuit of the desire for enlightenment available through books and the natural lure of creative writing which rotates around original stories of life in the Caribbean and medical textbooks designed to explain the intricacies of disease, health and well-being in the 21st century.


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Alcyone and Ceyx:

A Forest Love Story   

130 pages, paperback & kindle

Tentative Date: January 2021


Mental Stimulation and

Your Health

150 pages, handbook

Tentative Date: June 2022



Un-Usual People: The Elderly, Disabled and Their Caregivers

Tentative Date: July 2022




Medicinal Plants: How and

Why They Work

250 pages, textbook

Tentative Date: January 2023


Exercising for Health: Keep Moving

150 pages, handbook

Tentative Date: June 2023


A Toxic World and your Health

200 pages, handbook

Tentative Date: June 2024





Cornea, two volume set

(book II, chapter 55 Pterygium)

hardcover textbook

Released: 2013



Migration of Medicinal Plants from Perú to Puerto Rico    


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