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Un-Usual People: A Caregiver's Manual

Un-Usual People is a part-memoir, part-instructional manual consisting of evidence-based premises, patient and caregiver stories, suggestions on required knowledge and skills, and solutions used in the art and act of providing healthcare. The subjects are a combination of regular and special-needs patients who seek and receive medical attention, diagnoses and therapies and the caregivers and healthcare personnel who provide the CARE. The ability to Communicate, connect, and cooperate, Accept and appreciate, Relate and explain, Energize and encourage comprise the acronym of effective healthcare. How patients are treated and behave, plays a major role in the response to medical care and the final outcomes. Honesty, cooperation, positive attitude, trust, adherence to the treatment plan and appreciation are essentials for the patients. Open and sincere communication, hope, skill, and knowledge are the working instruments of healthcare delivery. The basic premise is that every human being has value and deserves to be treated with respect.

Paperback 154 pages

ISBN-10: 1957262621

ISBN-13: 978-195726268

Yorkshire Publishing

January 24, 2023

Un-Usual People:
Social Connections and Your Health

Paperback 428 pages

ISBN-10: 1954095678

 ISBN-13: 978-1954095670

Yorkshire Publishing

November 9, 2021

Social Connections and Your Health

Social Connections and Your Health is a contemporary look at the origins, evolution, history, and science of human social life. In the text we look at where this behavior came from, where it is at present and where it maybe going. The biochemistry of socializing and the formation and management of social connections involving the presence and activity of feel-good hormones and feel-bad hormones vying for expression and based on genetics, environment, and oxidative stress are presented in terms of positive and negative effects.


Pro-Social and antisocial behavior are discussed with emphasis on the influence of each on human interactions as well as on the mental and physical health of individuals and groups, with respect to their association with anxiety, depression, heart disease, dementias, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Friendships and hostilities, cooperation and conflicts are closely linked to longevity and quality of life. We see how anti-social behavior manifests itself in lack of basic manners, rudeness, snobbery, selfishness, us vs them exclusions and the concept of "others" and its resultant dysfunctional societies.


Social experiences compare the effects of friendliness and indifference in shaping the character of a people within counties and regions. Protocols for building and improving social skills among the various age groups are suggested and provided. The effects of social distancing and isolation in the present Covid pandemic are examined and possible solutions to minimize the damages to mental and physical health are provided. Emphasis is placed throughout on the importance of socializing across diverse lines and the quality and quantity of social behavior and its close connections with good health.

Social Connections and Your Health
In Search of a Stress-Free Life
In Search of a Stress-Free Life

Stress is a major risk factor in disease formation. In Search of a Stress-Free Life offers a detailed explanation of how and why the root causes and effects of stress on the mental and physical status of human beings are intricately related to the formation and progression of multiple diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart and neurodegenerative diseases and inflammatory conditions like arthritis and acid reflux.


A detailed examination of the biochemical and physiological mechanisms involved, pertinent examples of everyday life stories and the basic strategies that work to provide relief are highlighted.


A Stress-Free Life Protocol is included that can fit just about every situation and lifestyle. The appropriate management of stress can alleviate symptoms, reduce morbidity in the disease process and contribute to a better quality of life

Paperback 190 pages

ISBN-10: 1949231232

 ISBN-13: 978-1949231236

Yorkshire Publishing

August 9, 2018

In Search of a Stress-Free Life
Caribbean Tails vol two Papito & the Seven Hens
Caribbean Tails vol. two
Papito and the Seven Hens

Caribbean Tails, volume two, is the second in a series of allegories designed to illustrate that plants and animals communicate, cooperate and protect each other, in a way resembling humans, but ultimately with better results. We still have much to learn.

Paperback 157 pages

ISBN-10: 1494741806

 ISBN-13: 978-1494741808

CreateSpace Independent

Publishing Platform

June 29, 2020

Caribbean Tails vol. two
First Aid on the Farm Natural & Conventionl Treatments

Paperback 44 pages

ISBN: 978-15320-1947-0

 ISBN 978-15320-1948-7

iUniverse Publishers

April 1, 2017

First Aid on the Farm: Natural & Conventional Treatments

First aid is the emergency medical care given before professional care is available. In most cases, it is sufficient for complete recovery. In some cases, it is essential for stabilization while complete medical care is on the way.

Why the farm? It is often located in a remote area, away from adequate medical facilities, with high exposure to sun, insects, reptiles, poisonous plants, wind, dust, and variable temperatures. Farming activities are highly susceptible to accidents due to use of tools, machinery, animal care, difficult terrain, and use of cleaning materials that may lead to a higher incidence of infections from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

The purpose of First Aid on the Farm: Natural & Conventional Treatments is to provide a quick, easy guide to the recognition and treatment of basic emergency conditions that may be encountered on a farm in the tropics.

In addition to the conventional treatments and medications, this book suggests natural treatments using products that may be present in the farm and in surrounding forests.

*Title also available in Spanish

First Aid on the Farm
Natural Health
Natural Health and Disease Prevention

Paperback 388 pages

ISBN-10: 1683196058

ISBN-13: 978-1683196051

Tate Publishing & Enterprises

Aug 2, 2016

Natural Health and Disease Prevention

Natural Health and Disease Prevention faces the problems of ageing, loss of quality of life, loss of senses, and risk of getting debilitating and fatal diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes. It presents solutions to many daily queries regarding the frequency of doctors’ visits, taking large amounts of often toxic medications, premature and lengthy hospitalizations, dietary choices of good vs. bad foods, and how to minimize the effects of a toxic environment.


By identifying the root cause of disease and debilitation, viable options for avoidance and minimal involvement can be addressed and incorporated in one’s activities of daily living.  Through six basic lifestyle strategies of exercise, proper nutrition, stress management, social connections, mental stimulation, and avoidance of risky behavior and toxic exposure, one can greatly reduce the risk of disease and improve on or maintain good health. Specific strategies provide clear procedures for early recognition, prevention and natural treatment measures on each adverse condition before it becomes permanent. 

Integrative Medicine
An Integrative Medicine Approach to Modern Eye Care
An Integrative Medicine Approach to Modern Eye Care      

An Integrative Medicine Approach to Modern Eye Care examines the effects of time, genetics, environment and lifestyle on the tissues of the eye.


This book offers ways to reduce the risk of eye disease by improving the quality of life through natural preventive mechanisms and treatments. As some people age better than others through maintaining basic good health, likewise, prevention of inflammation, removal of toxins, regular exercise, good nutrition, mental stimulation and avoidance of risky behavior are the keys to lasting high quality ocular function.


The roles of botanicals, energy medicine, homeopathy, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine are included in an evidence-based compilation of techniques proven to enhance eye care.

Paperback 268 pages

ISBN: 978-1-946977-38-0

Yorkshire Publishers

April 2017

Caribbean Tails, volume one Cyril the Crab.

Paperback 108 pages

ISBN-10: 1492745898

ISBN-13: 978-1492745891

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platforms

                   December 17, 2013              

Caribbean Tails vol. one
Cyril the Crab

Caribbean Tails, volume one, entitled Cyril the Crab, contains a variation of the original story with a clear lead on to further adventures, is a compilation of original allegories, which feature animals behaving like humans. Since in reality life is often the other way around, these animals display personalities that closely resemble many people we know.  Some we love, and some we avoid.


The little Jack Spaniard (wasp) who refused to see the Queen, decided to defy his instincts and change his very nature. Diego, the Poet of Plaza Colon, is a rodent who exposes his heart and soul to a prospective lover in a way that makes one wonder if love is really the essence of life or just another interference with survival. Ricardo is an overweight parrot who eats junk food, verbally abuses his owner, and is rude to all her friends. He hasn’t any. 


The Coqui’s Last Song features Raul, a handsome frog, with eyebrows like Clark Cable and a voice like Nat King Cole. JT and Richard, chicken-hawk and mongoose, are two predators after the same prey. Albert the cockroach is both hated and feared but really is just in need of affection. The Mosquito Gang of Mon Bijou Road pits insects against humans. What happens before, during and after a coordinated attack is a whirling swirling thriller that make you want to slap, itch and scratch. They will regroup and always return.

Caribbean Tails vol. one
Pterygium A Practical Guide to Management
Pterygium: A Practical Guide to Management

Pterygium: A Practical Guide to Management is a textbook of how to approach and handle the most common eye lesion in hot climate regions. Since many island people and visitors go to the mainland for medical treatment or various conditions, this is a suggested management of the condition based on 30 years of experience and widespread association with other regions, of the methods used to obtain the best results. 


It is a must-read guide for eye surgeons starting out and maintaining a practice in the Caribbean. Covering the causes, epidemiology, pathology, pre-operative treatment, surgical techniques, management of complications, and post-operative care, it is one of the rare medical books that contains a discourse on prevention.

Hardcover 136 pages

ISBN-10: 9350259966

ISBN-13: 978-9350259962

Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers

September 1, 2009

The Secret of Anna's Hope
The Secret of Anna's Hope

The Secret of Anna’s Hope is a collection of historical fiction, in sequence covering some 700 years from 1286 to 1989 AD, linked by character, place and action, that transports the local reader to a location that is at once familiar and yet mysterious, and the newcomer to a world that existed in another time but in this same place. 


What happened here may have various interpretations, but we will all agree that the events were significant and relevant. Hard Labor was a working plantation on St. Croix on which the excitement and horror of daily life are expressed through the voice of a young girl who lived there.  This book marks the appearance of Cyril the Crab, an allegory strictly imagined while musing on the beach at Pelican Cove, St. Croix and nourishment of several more adventures of this feisty Crustacean to come. 

Hardcover 129 pages

ISBN-10: 1890985155

ISBN-13: 978-1890985158

Aye-Aye Arts


The Secret of Anna's Hope
Medical Terminology and Associated Phrases of the Caribbean
Medical Terminology and Associated Phrases of the Eastern Caribbean

Medical Terminology and Associated Phrases of the Eastern Caribbean is a dictionary, of sorts, that was written from scraps of paper collected from information gathered from knowledgeable patients of the Caribbean region, compiled over a period of about ten years, and intended to facilitate communication between doctors and patients.


Often the doctor has difficulty establishing an acceptable “bedside manner” due to lack of knowledge of the patient’s culture and language.  Likewise, the patient may have difficulty expressing their symptomatology in acceptable medical terms.  The contents of this book are a stimulus for communication, an inspiration for conversation and above all, an instigation for humor.

Paperback 84 pages

Eastern Caribbean Institute


Lovely Larisa and Other Stories
Lovely Larisa and Other Stories

Lovely Larisa and Other Stories, expresses the feelings of love and passion, which cannot seemingly exist without equal parts of envy and hate, pretense and intent, which pervade West Indian life from colonial times to the present.  From unrequited love to instinctively ingrained honorable loyalty, the characters in these stories develop in many directions. 


You know people like these, very well. Aunu, el magnifico is a part of a larger volume of Taino Tales, which examines the lives and inner characters of the people that inhabited Puerto Rico before the European invasion.


Antilles Graphic Arts


Lovely Larisa
Caribbean Crosswords
Caribbean Crosswords Revised Edition
Caribbean Crosswords Revised Edition

Caribbean Crosswords is probably the first of its kind.  Written during the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo’s devastation of St. Croix, it was intended as a diversion to despair, while presenting knowledge of history, geography, and social customs of the region. It is okay if you look up the answers before finishing.


ISBN-10: 0932831109

ISBN-13: 978-0932831101

Eastern Caribbean Institute


A West Indian Fish Tale (and other stories)
A West Indian Fish Tale (and other stories)

A West Indian Fish Tale (and other stories) contains a group of original accounts in which, notably, people of color appear as heroes and heroines, complete with faults and virtues, good triumphing over evil and headed toward happy endings.


As basic human instincts are highlighted, reactions and emotions are the same throughout the species. We all laugh and cry, show anger and remorse, and love and hate in the same ways.


Originally written for “children” of reading ages, this book can touch the hearts of all ages. Illustrations by the late Sam Jones of St. Croix are featured.

Paperback 56 pages

ISBN-10: 0932831095

ISBN-13: 978-0932831095 

Eastern Caribbean Institute


A West Indian Fish Tale
Medical Terrminology
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